♥ Welcome to Bayland Dancing ♥

我们的歌声,为什么这样动听?我们的的舞蹈,为什么这样多情?我们的故事, 为什么这样引人?我们的的聚会,为什么这样欢腾…… 你清楚,他清楚,大家都清楚。歌舞能表达我们喜悦的心情。 


蓓蓝舞蹈团是一支活跃在旧金山硅谷地区的年轻艺术团队。它的成员来自湾区 各界,她们中有初来乍到的新移民, 有如今事业有成的工程师,律师, 护士, 会计师。但她们有着共同的生活背境---来自大陆的留学生。她们每人都有着自己既平凡又 特别的故事。身在异乡为异客,她们在别人的土地上努力着,拼搏着,更丰富多彩 的生活着。朝着梦想迈进的每一步,看似理所当然,背后的付出却鲜为人道。忙碌于不同行业的她们,在紧张繁忙的工作, 学习和家务之余,为这共同的兴趣和爱好聚在了一起。蓓蓝舞蹈团让她们在此邂逅,了解,并与其一同发展。凭借她们的 专业素质及敬业精神,更凭借她们对中国民间舞蹈的热爱,用最美的艺术语言,散播着东方舞蹈及女性的魅力。


蓓蓝舞蹈团在活跃招生中并且期待你的加入。有兴趣者请 email brzy101@yahoo.com (San Francisco, South Bay Area), elaine.xinrui@gmail.com (Sacramento Area) 或填写online报名表格。详情请见 recruiting page.


Bayland Dancing, located in Sunnyvale Califonia, is a non-profit art organization that teaches Chinese folk dance to its members and performs those dances for diverse audiences across the State.  It was founded in 2003 by a group of high-tech female professionals in the Silicon Valley, who are also ardent lovers of Chinese dance. Today, with more than 20 members, BaylandDancing is well known in the Bay Area for its beautiful, diverse costumes and choreography as well as its members’ enthusiasm in promoting the understanding of Chinese arts and culture in America.  For its contribution to the community art scene, Bayland Dancing was awarded a grant from the Arts Council Silicon Valley, in partnership with the County of Santa Clara and the California Arts Council.